Season 1, Episode 1


Bear Grylls is no stranger to extremes--he served in the British Special Forces and successfully climbed Everest . Now in this episode, Bear parachutes alone into a remote and wild part of the Rocky Mountains with only the clothes on his back. His mission: survive one of America's most popular yet most dangerous locations. Every year 2000 people die in the Rockies---caught by surprise in situations they didn't anticipate. Freezing temperatures, wild animals, treacherous rivers... all make the Rockies a place where life and death decisions can occur in an instant. In this episode, Bear comes close to a grizzly bear, jumps off a 70 foot cliff, climbs down an 60 foot mountain, and floats nearly 12 miles in treacherous and freezing white water all on a diet of rattlesnake, raw fish and worms.


The episode begins with Bear in the helicopter, Bear is explaining his challenge , then parachutes out of the helicopter and into the Rockies. Before he can step foot on the ground he gets stuck up a tree, he release the emergency parachute and abseils down the tree he also brings some paracrod down with him.